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Prospan’s® Ten Tips for a Healthy Summer

Since it is mid-summer, we know how exciting it is to enjoy the lovely weather with friends and family in fun activities. However, the hot weather requires that you pay attention to various details in order to avoid health issues. Prospan® is offering you ten tips for a healthier summer, because your actions and activities…
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وصفة حساء البندورة

Tomato Soup Recipe

Prospan® family has prepared this space especially for you to try the tomato soup recipe, and enjoy it with family and friends. In 1897 tomato soup became popular due to its delicious taste, it contains many healthful nutrients that boost the health of the heart, blood and digestive system. Soup is great for your respiratory…
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السعال المصحوب بالبلغم

Productive or Wet Cough

We regularly experience two different kinds of cough, either dry or wet cough. Wet cough, also known as productive cough, is normally accompanied by phlegm production, and the reason behind the cough is to get rid of this excess phlegm, hence wet cough.   Productive cough can be caused due to number of factors. Some…
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سعال الأطفال

Children’s Cough

When your child starts coughing, it is hard to decide whether this requires a rushed trip to the doctor or there is no need to stress about the cough. Usually, the body protects itself from foreign bodies and uses cough to get rid of anything that shouldn’t stay in the respiratory system, such as excess…
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