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Consequences of antibiotics overuse/misuse

  Most people tend to rely on antibiotics every time they cough or have a runny nose or feel ill for any reason, not knowing that antibiotics are not ideal for every situation and cannot resolve all health issues and can even make their symptoms worse which eventually threatens the usefulness of these important drugs.…
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Tips for breaking kid’s common bad habits

  Most children go through a phase where they stick to an unwanted habit as a coping strategy for how they feel, either nervous, bored, insecure, or frustrated. Habits such as thumb sucking, nail-biting, nose-picking, etc.… will be outgrown by your child.  Yet, parents need to take some action towards these body-focused repetitive behaviors. In…
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The most common myths and facts about cold and flu

The cold & flu season is here already. When catching a cold, pieces of advice start flying in from our grandparents, parents, and friends, with the pure intention to help us ease the symptoms. We were raised hearing and applying some traditional practices, while some are really beneficial, others have been misleading to us. In…
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