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Childhood Obesity

    As the weather gets colder, our children tend to eat more and exercise less. Prospan® discusses some health issues and proposes some tips on how to prevent or limit childhood obesity. The number of overweight or obese infants and young children below the age of five has increased to 41 million in 2016…
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How do our lungs change with age?

Your lungs are amazing and incredibly hard-working organs. But they are not immune to the passage of time. As you age, so do your lungs, and it’s helpful to understand how your lungs change, what’s natural, and what could be a signal that you need to talk to your doctor. First, let’s remind you about…
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Surprising factors that can damage your lungs!

Did you know that some substances that you cannot smell or see may cause you lung problems ?! Did you know that some things that you enjoy using and doing, may lead to lung damage ?! In this article, we offer you a set of strange causes that lead to lung damage, which we must…
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