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What makes Prospan® cough preparations stand out from others is the individual and unique manufacturing process that is used to produce them. This exclusive process results in the unique Prospan® Special-Ivy-Extract EA 575®, whose individual characteristics can be compared to a fingerprint.

Thanks to its pneumoactiv formula®, the special extract is able to effectively treat complex cough-related processes. Prospan® liquefies the sticky mucus trapped in the bronchi, allowing it to be coughed up more easily and thus removed from the body. As a result of the relaxant effect on the bronchi, obstructed airways are widened, enabling patients to breathe freely again. Individual components in the extract have anti-inflammatory effects and promote healing. Prospan® cough preparations are effective and especially well tolerated.

Compared to various other cough preparations, Prospan® is very versatile. It can be used not only for acute forms of coughs, but also for chronic, inflammatory bronchial conditions. .

Prospan® Effect

The efficacy of Prospan® is due to the saponin content in its dry extract, e.g. α-Hederin.

Play the above video to further understand the effect of α-Hederin on β2 adrenergic receptors

Prospan® Mechanism

Research and studies can now explain how bronchodilatary and secretolytic effects happen at cellular level Play the above video to further explore the process.

Prospan® Proof

Using innovative methods, it has been possible to explain the active principle of α-Hederin on molecular level Play the above video to further explore the process.

Only Prospan®

  • Has a scientifically proven mechanism of action at a molecular level in alveolar and muscle bronchial cells
  • Has proven that α-Hederin is responsible for the internalization inhibition of adrenergic receptors both in alveolar and muscle bronchial cells
  • Induces higher surfactant secretion in alveolar cells thus favouring fluidification of bronchial mucus
  • Induces relaxation of bronchial muscle, thus favouring a decrease of respiratory airways
  • Favours expectoration and decrease of dyspnea

Clinical Efficacy of Prospan®

If you want to know more and explore more, you can download further reading materials and studies