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Chest Congestion in Babies

Congestion is very common in babies and it is not life threatening but it can be extremely uncomfortable for your baby as it causes difficulty in breathing. In this article, we provide you with an overview of congestion in babies, its causes, symptoms and remedies. Causes of Infant Chest Congestion 1. Common Cold 2. Low…
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The difference between migraine and other types of headache

  Sometimes, we feel a headache, and diagnose ourselves as suffering either from a migraine or a normal headache, without knowing the difference between both of them. So are they really the same, or headaches have different types? It’s time to find out the answer, so we can take the right medication and get rid…
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Do areas with high humidity harm your health

        What is humidity? Is it harmful or beneficial to our health? With the onset of summer and high temperatures, humidity begins to rise in many countries and regions; It is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air surrounding us. The higher the humidity, the less comfortable we…
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Surprising causes for lung damage

  Did you know that some substances that you cannot smell or see may cause you lung problems ?! Did you know that some things that you enjoy using and doing may lead to lung damage ?! In this article, we offer you a set of strange causes that lead to lung damage, which we…
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The best ways to boost and strengthen the immune system

With the occurrence of the Coronavirus in the air and the presence of many other viruses that we fear getting infected by, the optimal way to resist is to strengthen our immune system as much as possible! There are some methods and practices that have proven to be effective in boosting immunity, and thus reducing…
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For a healthy and sterilized workplace

In this critical period of time, we need to ensure the right follow up of safety and health procedures in all the places we attend and at all times. As we resume our job duties in the workplace again, implementation of the highest standards of sterilization and hygiene will become our first priority in order…
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Interesting facts about your respiratory system

    What we all know about the respiratory system is that it is responsible for providing the body with oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide. This body consists of a group of members, including Lungs, trachea, diaphragm, and alveoli. The surprising and interesting things that we do not know about it are:  …
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Cough facts and myths

  When we cough, we rapidly expel air from the lungs to clean them of various impurities, mucus, and irritants. Usually, we begin to feel anxious when the cough lasts for more than a week or ten days, but the fact is that the average period of having a cough is 18 days. Here is…
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Scientific Benefits of Laughter yoga

  Laughter may be the only contagious infection everyone wants!    So what is laughter yoga and what are its benefits?   Laughter Yoga is one of the newest routine exercises that improve the health of the body, mind, heart, and soul together, and it is based on     the science of laughing for no…
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