Join the Finger-painting Competition!

Prospan® has a cheat sheet prepared for you to print out and draw on!

Click on the download link and follow these steps:

1- Print the alphabet sheet

2- Use the recipe to make some homemade finger-paint.

3- Think of an animal or object to represent each alphabet. If you need inspiration, the outlines in our cheat sheet can be helpful!

4- Dip those cutie fingertips in the finger-paint and press them down on the alphabet sheet

5- Do some doodling with a marker to give the characters life!

Stay tuned on our Facebook page as we will be sharing tips for the alphabet!

To enter the competition, finger-paint different figures and objects with the corresponding alphabet and share your creations on your social media pages and use the hashtag #ProspanFingerprint for a chance to win a prize (make sure the post is publicly visible).

Terms and Conditions:

Engelhard Arzneimattel may opt to use or not use any of the submissions received, additionally, we reserve the right to publicly publish all submitted content for digital or print use. By sending in your submissions to Engelhard, you agree to the terms and conditions of this competition.

Prospan® wishes you health and wellness!

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