Prospan®’s 4 Fold Effect: 2- Widening of Airways

A cough can be a symptom of many different underlying illnesses and conditions. In particular, a wet or productive cough is most often the result of upper respiratory tract infections (URI). As mentioned in our previous article, your body tends to develop a productive/wet cough in response to an overproduction of mucus.

The build-up of mucus in your lungs and throat causes congestion and in some severe cases — leads to difficulty breathing.  This happens because the mucous accumulates in the airways causing them to become narrower and accordingly restricting airflow. To regain free breathing and resolve the symptoms, it is necessary to clear mucus from the airways.

Prospan® can be used to accelerate recovery. It supports our body’s natural immune response by aiding the expectoration of this excess phlegm that has accumulated in the throat and lungs. Prospan® does so through the ‘liquefaction of mucus’ effect mentioned in the last article, and also through another one of its four fold effects which is the ‘dilation or widening of the airways’ through the relaxation of the muscles in the airways. In doing so, it allows for an easier expectoration of the mucus as well as opens up the airways allowing air to flow more easily in and out of the lungs. The patient will therefore feel less congested and can breathe more freely.

This benefit is also extremely important in newborn babies and children who already have very small airway passages where any amount of mucous accumulation might cause a complete obstruction of the airways. The use of Prospan® helps in the dilation of the narrow airways and liquefy any excess mucous that has accumulated.

Due to this unique effect of Prospan®, clinical studies have found it to be effective in treating many acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. Research has also indicated that asthmatic patients will feel additional relief if they use Prospan® alongside their instructed therapy treatment.

Prospan® with proven 4 fold effects:

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    Liquefies mucus

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    Helps you breathe more freely

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    Alleviates inflammations

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    Relieves coughing

Thank you for reading our article, we hope your days are cough free!

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