What makes Prospan® the ideal choice for cough relief?

Over the past week, we have shared articles that discuss the three different effects of Prospan® that make it the ideal choice for cough relief for the entire family.

To briefly recap: When you are sick, your body increases its mucus production.  The mucus is thicker or stickier than usual, making it less likely to slide down your throat. The mucus accumulates in the airways causing them to become narrower. During the course of the illness, the airways in the lungs are also irritated and inflamed, causing further narrowing.  Accordingly, there is a restriction of airflow in and out of the lungs.  This causes congestion and — in severe cases — leads to difficulty breathing. To prevent an increase in infection and inflammation as well as regain free breathing through a regulation of air flow, it is necessary to clear this overproduction of mucus. Your body develops a wet cough to help get rid of all the excess mucus that gets stuck in your lungs and chest. Prospan® supports your body’s natural immune response and allows for enhanced cough relief.

Prospan® functions through the liquefaction of the excess phlegm, the widening of the airways in the lungs, and the reduction of inflammation. These three effects, together, allow Prospan® to offer patients relief from cough and comfort in breathing.

Prospan® with proven 4 fold effects:

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    Liquefies mucus

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    Helps you breathe more freely

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    Alleviates inflammations

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    Relieves coughing

It is a safe and effective choice that is suitable for all ages.  Numerous research and clinical studies including tens of thousands of patients have proven Prospan®’s efficacy, tolerance and safety in the treatment of acute and chronic cough resulting from diseases of the respiratory tract.

For more information about Prospan® and its mode of action, browse through the details on our website.

Thank you for reading our article, we hope your days are cough free!

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