Allergies And How To Cope With Them

It’s spring again, a season when flowers blossom and picnics are more common. It is also the time when plants produce more pollen and many people experience heightened allergic symptoms. As spring begins, the desire to enjoy the scenic views and amazing weather is disrupted by the discomfort of sneezing, coughing and a stuffy nose.

Our immune system protects us from invading organisms that can cause illness and may sometimes mistake an otherwise harmless substance as an invader leading to an allergic reaction, exposure to different allergens trigger this response. Allergies are not always seasonal and mild. They can be extremely severe and impact the overall quality of life.

The different types of allergies that people may suffer from are food allergies, seasonal allergies, pet allergies, product allergies, drug allergies and many more.

Allergies are considered among the most common & widespread chronic illnesses in the world affecting 1 in 5 people.

Symptoms may vary and can appear as any of the below allergic reactions sneezing, itchy, red, watery, and swollen eyes, runny or stuffy nose, cough, fatigue, sore throat.. etc.

The first step in managing allergies is understanding them. You must remain attentive to your body to identify what kind of triggers may be causing your allergies and how often they are happening. Once you’ve identified what you’re allergic to, you may take steps to reduce exposure to your allergy triggers. An allergy test may be a good idea.

Read the below for some tips on how to manage and minimize the effect of allergies:

  1. Stay indoors during dry, windy days to avoid exposure to significantly high pollen count. If you must be outdoors during these days, wear a face mask.
  2. Keep windows closed and turn on air-conditioning to prevent dust, pollen, and pollutants from entering your home.
  3. Use a dehumidifier to help prevent the growth of mold in the house.
  4. Wash pets regularly and do not sleep in the same room as them.
  5. Avoid hanging your laundry outside to avoid pollen sticking to it.
  6. Use vacuums and air cleansers to regularly remove allergens from the air.
  7. Replace air filters monthly
  8. Replace carpets regularly to avoid stubborn dust accumulation.
  9. Drink more water as dehydration makes your body vulnerable to allergens.
  10. Rinse your sinuses to minimize allergic reactions by clearing your nasal passages from allergens and microbes.
  11. Use a nasal saline spray like Nisita® Nasal Spray or Nisita® Nasal Ointment to help clean and hydrate your nasal passages.
  12. Take a hot shower to open up your nasal passages and wash away allergens stuck to your hair or skin.
  13. Quit smoking and stay away from smokers as the inhalation of fumes and smoke from cigarettes may aggravate allergic symptoms.
  14. Sleep well as lack of sleep may make you vulnerable to illnesses.

Allergies are also often closely tied to asthma, a condition that leads to the inflammation and narrowing of airways and resultantly triggers coughing, chest tightness, wheezing and difficulty breathing. The same substances that trigger allergies can also trigger symptoms of asthma in some people.  This explains Prospan®’s efficacy in enhancing cough relief and promoting free breathing for asthmatic patients. Since Prospan® induces a 4 fold effect that involves the widening of the airways and the reduction of inflammation, it functions to reduce the aggravated symptoms that asthmatic patients experience. Health practitioners will often prescribe Prospan® to asthmatic patients as a part of their selected treatment plan.

Having an allergy is inevitable but it is possible to keep your allergies at bay by taking the necessary steps to alleviate symptoms. It is always advised to discuss your allergy with a doctor to receive the most appropriate treatment.

Thank you for reading our article, we wish you a spring season free of allergies!

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