Why Is Prospan® The Ideal Choice For Your Kids?

Prospan® is the no.1 leading herbal cough medication worldwide and has been a staple in households for over 69 years. With numerous research and clinical studies including tens of thousands of patients, Prospan® dried ivy leaf patented extract that is 100% alcohol-free, has proven its efficacy and safety for use in children from their first day of birth.

It is important that parents make the right choice and take caution when selecting the right medication for the treatment of their children’s cough.  There remains a number of preparations that contain alcohol in varying concentrations. It is preferable to avoid preparations that have alcohol in the final product for infants under the age of 1 so if parents have the choice, they are advised to always opt for alcohol-free preparations.


When choosing Prospan®, parents may be rest assured that they are selecting the safe and natural choice for their children. Prospan® is also sugar-free and colouring-free, which is why it is trusted by healthcare professionals and families around the world.


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Make sure to consult a doctor before giving children any medication.

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