Ask Prospan®

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Is Prospan® safe to use for children?

Yes, Prospan® is safe to use for children and infants.

Is Prospan® safe for elderly people?

Yes, Prospan® is safe to use for elderly people

Where can I find Prospan®?

Prospan® can be found in any pharmacy in your city

I am diabetic, can I use Prospan®?

Yes, Prospan® is sugar free and is safe to be consumed by people with diabetes.

I am also taking antibiotics, will Prospan® interfere with the action of my medication?

Studies have shown that Prospan® has no interactions with other medications, so it is safe to take it with antibiotics.

My child suffers from asthma attacks, would Prospan® help him?

Studies have shown that using Prospan® with the treatment of asthma prescribed by your physician, improves lung functions and accordingly enhances breathing

Other preparations in the market have thyme in them, does that double the effect of ivy leaf?

Studies show that the effect of ivy is weakened and lessened when taken together with thyme

What does Prospan® taste like?

Prospan® has a cherry like taste that is well accepted among children and adults.

Is Prospan® safe during pregnancy?

There are no studies available to support the safety of using Prospan® during pregnancy

Do all Ivy containing products have the same effect?

No, the manufacturing process and the surrounding factors gives Prospan® its uniqueness. So, only if it is labeled Prospan® you will get the Prospan® effect. You can read more about the uniqueness of Prospan® here