Prospan®’s 4 Fold Effect: 1- Liquefaction of mucus

One main source of annoyance during an illness is the feeling of excess phlegm accumulating in the lungs. In reading the below, you will understand why and how this happens as well as how taking Prospan® helps.

Your entire respiratory system is lined with mucus membranes. Mucus performs many beneficial functions in your body,  such as keeping your airways moist and protecting your lungs from irritants.

When you’re sick, your body increases its mucus production.  The mucus is thicker or stickier than usual, making it less likely to slide down your throat. Resultantly, it builds up in your lungs and throat causing congestion and — in severe cases — leading to difficulty breathing. In some cases, It does this to help trap and expel the organisms causing infection. The accumulation of mucus causes your body to develop a wet cough which helps you get rid of all the excess mucus that gets stuck in your lungs and chest. Clearance of this overproduction is very important since a persistent accumulation of mucus increases infection and inflammation by providing an environment for microbial growth.

This is where Prospan® helps you. By facilitating the expectoration of the mucus and easing cough, Prospan® enhances your body’s natural immune response, which makes it both safe and effective for everyone suffering from wet/productive cough. Its aids in clearance of mucus by reducing its stickiness and easing its transport up the airways thus allowing your body to get rid of it more easily and effectively. This is known as the liquefaction of mucus effect of Prospan®, one of the four fold effects of Prospan® that offers cough relief for you and your family

هل لديك سعال مصحوب بالبلغم أم سعال جاف؟

Prospan® with proven 4 fold effects:

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    Liquefies mucus
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    Helps you breathe more freely
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    Alleviates inflammations
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    Relieves coughing

Thank you for reading our article, we hope your days are cough free!

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