Prospan®’s 4 Fold Effect: 3- Anti-inflammatory

A cough is the fifth most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention worldwide. It is a characteristic symptom of upper respiratory tract infections (URI) and a primary physiological mechanism responsible for clearing secretions from airways. When you are sick, the airways in your lungs become irritated and inflamed. Inflammation is a defense reaction of your immune system to the infection of foreign organisms. As the airways in your lungs swell, they are temporarily narrowed down while thick mucus accumulates. This leads to a restriction of the airflow within your airways causing shortness of breath and making it more difficult for you to breathe.

As a result, your body will develop a productive/wet cough due to the overproduction of mucus. To regain free breathing and resolve the symptoms, it is necessary to clear mucus from the airways. Clearance of this overproduction is very important since a persistent accumulation of mucus further increases infection and inflammation by providing an environment for microbial growth. Prospan® is used to accelerate recovery. It supports your body’s immune system by aiding the expectoration of this excess phlegm through its liquefaction and through the widening of the airways.

Do You Have a Productive or a Dry Cough?

Additionally, individual components in Prospan® have anti-inflammatory effects. Through a reduction of the swelling and mucus production in the airways, Prospan® helps to control or treat the accompanying symptoms. These anti-inflammatory effects will allow for an enhanced sense of relief for the patients suffering from a discomforting cough.

Furthermore, this effect is the reason that Prospan® was found to improve symptoms associated with chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions, and once again, proving Prospan®’s efficacy and safety, making it the ideal solution for cough relief.

Prospan® with proven 4 fold effects:

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    Liquefies mucus

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    Helps you breathe more freely

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    Alleviates inflammations

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    Relieves coughing

Thank you for reading our article, we hope your days are cough free!

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