Ways to Cope with Children’s Increased Usage of Digital Technology

It is important that you set screen time guidelines early in your child’s life so that it lays a foundation for later behavior.  Below is a set of suggested ways to create the right balance:

  • Establish rules for using smartphones and tablets as you see fit. Create a personalized plan that highlights the rules of screen use and sets goals for the entire family.
  • Create competitions between your children by comparing screen times.
  • Suggest some barter deals where your child can get one hour of screen time in exchange for an hour reading or playing sports or doing house chores.
  • You may set rules for times when using smartphones and tablets is not allowed such as:
    • Lunch and Dinner Times
    • Car Rides
    • While Outdoors
    • At night or prevent use in the bedroom entirely
  • You may use parental control apps in order to manage your kid’s screen use, block access to inappropriate sites and apps.
  • Guide teens to always maintain appropriate online behavior.
  • Make sure to not spend too much time on the phone/tablet when your child is around. Keep in mind that you are setting an example for digital use.
  • Never resort to screens as a way of silencing young kids.
  • Steer your child’s screen use towards educational material that can still be fun and recommend educational yet fun apps for your kids to use.
  • Continuously encourage your child to socialize with others outside the screen not just digitally.
  • Look for ways to encourage the entire family to be active. Schedule a physical activity each day in order to reduce the amount of time your child engages in sedentary activities.  
  • Spend more time with your kids engaging in outdoor play or indoor activities.
Ways to Cope with Children's Increased Use of Digital Technology
Ways to Cope with Children's Increased Use of Digital Technology
Ways to Cope with Children's Increased Use of Digital Technology

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