Is the Allergy-mood Link Real?

Seasonal allergies are one of the most annoying conditions that affect many people every year. Today, Prospan® provides you with four short questions and their answers to reveal why many doctors believe that there is a real connection between allergies and mood.

1) Is the Allergy-mood Link Real?

Yes, the link between allergies and mood is real. It is important for you to understand that experiencing allergies can affect your mood. While seasonal allergies reactions are not necessarily emotional, they can be more physiological symptoms such as low energy.

Dr. Paul Marshall, a neuropsychologist at Hennepin County Medical Center, stated that recent researches have shown about a 50% increase in the risk for depression in people suffering allergies. However, allergies do not cause clinical depression. In practice, allergy-connected mood changes are usually limited to mild depressive symptoms, like feeling sad, lethargic, and fatigued.

Is Allergy-mood Link Real?

2) How Does It Biologically Happen?

An allergic reaction is an immune response that releases cytokines, which are protein molecules used in communication between cells. When cytokines are released in the brain, they induce the feelings of sickness or weakness, making the allergy-mood link real.

Is Allergy-mood Link Real?

3) Do Allergy Medications Cause Side Effects?

Side effects of allergy medications may cause irregular sleeping patterns that increase irritability. You should always consult with your doctor before taking any medication.

Is The Allergy-mood Link Real?

4) Does Allergy Affect Children’s Mood Too?

Erik Fisher, a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, said that children in particular are at risk to vast swings in moods and behaviors related to allergies, because their bodies are more sensitive. In some cases, when allergies overwhelm the system, kids have more temper tantrums and a harder time getting to sleep.

Is The Allergy-mood Link Real?

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